Basement Plans
  • Basement Ideas

    There comes a point in every home’s life when the walls become too close together. Children need their own space. Teens want a party room. Parents need a quiet place. Someone needs an office. Someone else wants a fitness center or hobby room. An in-law needs a place to live. Everyone needs extra living space. Fortunately, more than a third of all homes in the U.S. have extra space available in the form of an unfinished basement. It could be little more than a crawl space or it might be a partially finished basement that can quickly become rooms. This first section will open your mind up to the world of the basement and how it can be converted into valuable living space at a cost much lower than expanding your home horizontally. Even if you’ve already started thinking about remodeling your basement, this section can help you solidify your plans—and help you consider the best uses for your basement.

  • Finding Space

    Yes, unfinished basements are excellent candidates for finishing into livable space. But what about your home’s basement. Is it big enough? Does it have enough headroom? What about the floor? How can you make sure it is dry enough? These are a few of the important topics I’ll cover in this second section. First, let’s make sure that your home’s basement is a qualified candidate for the work ahead.

  • Basement Design

    Your basement is a blank piece of paper. You’ve determined how much useable space your basement has and you’ve considered some the ways you could bring that space to life. Now it’s time to start brainstorming and doodling, looking at all the ways you get what you want from what you have. Finally, you’ll decide what works best and how you’ll get it done. That’s what this section is all about: planning. It isn’t wasted effort. Every hour of smart planning can save a day of installing and removing real walls and doors. I’ll first show you how to make function lists, then turn them into rough plans. You’ll also learn how to sketch your new basement on paper or using some really neat computer software programs that can make you think you are already in your basement. Let’s get started!

  • Basement Budgets

    Wouldn’t it be great if rich Uncle Bud said, “Hey, finish your basement. I’ll pay the bill!” In your dreams! The first reality of basement remodeling is that it will cost more than you thought. The second reality is that you, not the state lottery nor an eccentric uncle, will pay for the project. Sure, you can finance some or all of it over the rest of whatever, but it’s still your money—plus interest! This section is for those of us without rich uncles. It shows you how to estimate costs, cut them, and find the least expensive financing, if needed. It also offers some options you may not have considered. This section, above all, can save you thousands of basement remodeling dollars—and help you survive the project.

  • Basement Prep

    It would be great if you didn’t need to follow building codes and buy a building permit when constructing or remodeling a home. Think of all the time and money you’d save. However, would you buy or live in a home that wasn’t built under building safety codes? What if the prior tried to save money on wiring by using inferior materials? This section covers how and when you’ll need a building permit for finishing your basement as well as how to follow local codes. In addition, it begins the remodeling process by showing you how to prepare for finishing your basement. You’ll be getting ready for new construction and taking care of any final problems.


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