Basement Finishing
  • Basement Painting

    When is the best time to paint and decorate your basement? It depends on the design, how it is finished, and who is doing the work. You can add paint and wallpaper after drywall is up and either before or after the flooring is installed. If you’re using paneling instead of drywall you may opt to paint the ceiling once it’s in and the trim after doors, windows, and flooring is in. The best time is when new paint will not be damaged by other work. In this section I’ll show you how to paint walls, ceilings, and trim. You’ll learn how to pick colors, paint, and tools. In addition, I’ll show you how to install wallpaper the easy way, adding design to your basement with little effort.

  • Basement Furnishing

    Wow! Your unfinished basement is looking almost finished. You’re not ready to move in yet—unless you’ll sit and sleep on the floor! But you’re nearly done. This section gets you to moving in day. It includes adding cabinets and counter tops for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms. It also furnishes what may become the most popular rooms in your new basement: the home office and the entertainment room. Anxious? I’ll bet! Let’s get this job done.

  • Basement Move-In

    Ready to move in? You’ve spent a lot of time and money finishing your basement, but it all pays off once you begin enjoying your new space. You can now separate the kids, give teens their own rooms, store foods, move grandma in to her new apartment, start enjoying your new hobby room, watch movies in your new home theater, or set up your home office. So let’s add the final touches. For some basements that means installing a security system or extending the phone or intercom system. For others it’s decorating rooms. For everyone, it’s celebrating your new space.


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